Outdoor P16 RGB Display Parameter
Pixel Item Parameter
Real Pixel pitch 16mm
Pixel composition 1R1G1B DIP346
LED tube LED tube Wavelength Luminance
Red tube core 620-630nm Pending
Pure green tube core 520-525nm Pending
Pure blue tube core 465-470nm Pending
Module Module resolution 16 x16=256pixels
Module size 256MM x256MM
Cabinet Cabinet size 1024MM x768MM x120MM
Cabinet resolution Real pixel: 3072pixels
Cabinet materials Cold rolled steel (mixed Iron & steel)
Screen Physical resolution /㎡ 3906pixels/㎡
Brightness ≥8500cd/㎡ 
Brightness adjustment 100 level automatically
Scanning method 1 scan  
Drive methods Constant current drive
Best Viewing angle Horizontal: 110 degrees, vertical: 45 degrees,
Grey scale 65536 levels
Color processing 16bit
Display colors 281trillion
Contrast ratio 2000:01:00
Frame rate > 60 frames/sec
Refresh rate 300-3000HZ(no flickers while camcorder recording)
Control method Synchronized with computer monitor
Lifetime > 100,000 hours
Defects rate ≤0.0001
Operating voltage AC220V±15% 47~64HZ
Screen power consumption Max:1265w/㎡; Average: 569w/㎡
Color temperature 6500K±500
Control distance. 100 m (no repeating) by net line; Optical fiber: 500m- 10km
IP level IP65 in the front, IP54 at the back
Operating temperature —20℃~+60℃
Operating ambient humidity 10%—95%RH